The Plate Service Center is located in Turkey on 19.000 sqm closed, total 46.000 sqm area.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is fast and efficient to use compared to others. Underwater cutting property helps to minimize the heat affected zone.

Thickness Range Min. Width Max. Width Max. Length
6,00mm - 10,00mm 500mm 2'000mm 6'000mm
10,0mm - 100,0mm 4'000mm 12'000mm

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides high quality precision cut with error free results and a high level of accuracy. The process also eliminates the damage heat will cause on the material by using gas and laser.

Thickness Range Max. Width Max. Length
0,40mm - 25,0mm 2'000mm 4'000mm

Guillotine shear

Giant hydraulic guillotine has cutting ability up to 34 mm in stainless steel plates.

Thickness Range Max. Width Max. Length
3,00mm- 34,00mm 3'000mm 6'500mm