We provide flat bar production with the grinding, pvc coating, and automatic packing system in both standard and custom sizes.

Thickness Range Min. Width Max. Width Max Length
0,7 - 250 mm 15 mm 250 mm 8'000 mm

Saw Cutting

Horizontal Saw

We can cut various thickness or diameter in non-standard sizes of pipes, profiles, sheets and bars with our horizontal saw.

Thick. Range Max. Length
10 - 400 mm 850mm - 9'500mm
10x8 mm - 500x400 mm

Vertical Saw

Square and rectangular flat bar production up to 6000 mm in length can be made by our vertical saw. In this production process 90-degree vertical edges can be obtained.

Thick. Range Min. Width Max. Width Max. Length
10 - 250mm 10mm 2'500mm 6'000mm