The Coil Service Center is located in Turkey on 16.000 sqm closed, total 20.000 sqm area.

Cut to Length

The Service Center provides prime quality service with its state of the art cut-to-length lines cutting 0,30 mm to 10 mm up to 15 meters length.

Max- Width Thickness Range Width Range
1'2500mm 0,40mm - 0,60mm 200mm - 6'000mm
1'500mm 0,60mm - 1,50mm 300mm - 6'000mm
2'000mm 1,50mm - 10,0mm 500mm - 15'000mm


The silitting lines has the capacity of slitting 0,40 mm – 6,35 mm thickness and minimum 10 mm width with very tight tolerances.

Thickness Range Min. Strip Width Max. Coil Width
0,30mm - 1,00mm 10mm 750mm
1,00mm - 3,30mm 17mm 750mm
0,40mm - 3,00mm 25mm 2'100mm
3,00mm - 6,35mm 35mm 2'100mm


The grinding and brushing lines can produce brushed and grinded finishes according to the international standards.

Thickness Range Min. Width Max. Width Min. Length Max. Length
Coil Grinding 0,40mm - 3,20mm 400mm 1'600mm
Plate Grinding 0,40mm - 3,20mm 150mm 1'550mm 800mm 6'000mm
0,60mm - 10,0mm 500mm 2'000mm 850mm 6'000mm