Electrolytic Calcium for Deoxidisation of Ferrous Steels

HTMS S.A. represents Chepetsky Mechanical Plant, Russia, subsidiary of Rosatom Group. Established in 1946, ChMZ produced uranium metal, depleted uranium, metallic calcium, and zirconium alloys for the various military and civilian applications. Today, the company fabricates fuel for TVEL and produces natural uranium fuel and other products from natural and depleted uranium. ChMZ has a complete production cycle for zirconium. It is the only such enterprise in Russia, and one of the largest enterprises in the world manufacturing zirconium and zirconium alloy goods for the nuclear industry. It also produces unique calcium monolithic wire for the steel industry with a minimum of 99% calcium, titanium alloy and superconductors.

Calcium Monolithic Solid Wire chemical specifications

Filler chemical composition mass concentration, %
Ca Fe Cu Si Mg K + Na
Min. 99,0 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,03 0,07

Calcium Monolithic Solid Wire technical specifications

Calcium Monolithic Solid Wire
Wire filler Solid Calcium Monolithic Rod
Coil outside diameter 1100 mm
Coil inside diameter 540 / 700 mm
Coil width 700 mm
Wire diameter (D) 9 mm 11,5 mm 11,5 mm
Steel shell thickness 0,6 mm 0,8 mm 1,1 mm
Coil weight 1200 kg 1080 kg 1350 kg
Wire long 5200 m 3200 m 3400 m
Weight per one
meter wire
233 g 340 g 400 g
Calcium weight
per one meter wire
74 g 92 g 74 g
Filling factor 32 % 26,5 % 18,5 %